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Beta Die Casting Equipment is the largest buyer and reseller of used die cast machinery in the world. We currently have 205 machines in stock in our warehouse ready for inspection in-person or over the internet. Why deal with machine brokers when you can go right to the source!

Beta Die Casting Equipment also buys and sells industrial machines and automation equipment such as die sprayers, die casting ladles, extractors, multi-slide machines, trim presses, CNC machines, furnaces, robotics, temperature controllers, shot blast machines, die holders and other auxiliary equipment.

All machinery is located in our warehouse and is ready for delivery to any part of the world. We are a service orientated company with over 35 years of experience and a comprehensive knowledge of the global market. Our highly-trained multilingual representatives are dedicated to help you find the machine for your project and budget.

We sell a wide range of temperature-control units. Our Hot Oil units and Hot Water units are used in injection moulding, die-casting dies, plastic injection moulds, extruders, rollers and mixers. Applications include Aluminum, Zinc and magnesium mold die-casting temperature control and temperature control for hot-press molding, die cast machine cooling, quench applications, melting furnaces and induction units.

In high pressure die casting processes, a die plays a critical role in removing heat from the molten metal during the cavity filling and solidification stages. Proper control of die temperature is essential for producing superior quality components and yielding high production rates. In this paper, a computerized intelligent real-time monitoring and control system (IRMCS) is developed for die casting processes involving cooling of a die with multiple channels. A local temperature controller is designed to monitor temperature signals from the die insert and flow rate signals from the cooling lines. The performance of the controller is evaluated, and the effect of the controller on local temperature and heat transfer of casting dies is analyzed. The experimental results obtained from a laboratory die casting process simulator indicate that the developed control system is capable of adjusting the desired supply of cooling water into multiple cooling lines, which effectively controls the local temperature of the die insert within a given range. Hence, the desired thermal pattern of the die becomes achievable.

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