Gebrauchte CNC Horizontal-Bearbeitungszentren zum Verkauf

Beta Die Casting Equipment is the largest buyer and reseller of used die cast machinery in the world. We currently have 205 machines in stock in our warehouse ready for inspection in-person or over the internet. Why deal with machine brokers when you can go right to the source!

Beta Die Casting Equipment also buys and sells industrial machines and automation equipment such as die sprayers, die casting ladles, extractors, multi-slide machines, trim presses, CNC machines, furnaces, robotics, temperature controllers, shot blast machines, die holders and other auxiliary equipment.

All machinery is located in our warehouse and is ready for delivery to any part of the world. We are a service orientated company with over 35 years of experience and a comprehensive knowledge of the global market. Our highly-trained multilingual representatives are dedicated to help you find the machine for your project and budget.

Looks like at the moment we have no machines in stock. If you urgently need a machine please Contact our Office and we will conduct a search for you. In the meanwhile, be sure to take a look all the machines we have in stock – one of those may be suitable for your needs.
Zuvor Verkaufte Maschinen
Wir sind spezialisiert auf CNC Horizontal-Bearbeitungszentren von diesen Hersteller:
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